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Custom Buildings

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#026 - (40'X80'X16')


Upon receiving the down payment we will verify the data, begin the engineering and drafting process based on the contract documents.

Before the start of fabrication we will send you a complete set of drawings for your Approval.

NOTE: Tax will be added for projects in Texas.

Building Options

Calculate Windspeed and Ground Snow

Please use the calculator below to determine your minium Ground Snow and Wind Speeds for your metal building.


Building Information:
Width: 40 ft
Length: 80ft
Eave Height:16 ft

Basic building shell to include Standard Galvaume finish roof, wall panels and simple eave trim and is designed for 90 mph wind load exposure "B" and 10 psf Ground snow load. For additional finishes , accessories and design choices, please select from the options above.


Specific Information:


  • Roof slope is 1:12
  • 2-10x10 framed opening in endwall is included. (Roll up Doors are NOT included)
  • Framed Openings may be relocated to either sidewall at no cost. 
  • To change the roof slope or any other modifications fill up the Custom Buildings form.
  • Walk doors are self framing. (Walk doors are not in base price).
  • The images are for illustration purposes only. All options needs to be specified.


General Information:


  • Engineer Signed & Sealed Drawings
  • Hot Rolled or Built-up Bolt-up Frames
  • Coldformed end walls.
  • Designed per IBC '09
  • 26 Gauge Galvalume® or Colored Walls with a 25 Year Limited Paint Warranty
  • 26 Gauge Galvalume® or Colored Roof with a 25 Year Limited Warranty
  • Simple Eave Trim
  • Anchor Bolt plans
  • Complete Erection Drawings
  • Letter of Certification
  • For any modifications to standard models use the Custom Buildings form.