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Custom Buildings

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  •  #001 - (30'x40'x14')
    #001 - (30'x40'x14')
  • #013 -(30'x80'x16')
    #013 -(30'x80'x16')
  • #026 - (40'X80'X16')
    #026 - (40'X80'X16')
  • #046 - (50'x80'x14' GAMBREL)
    #046 - (50'x80'x14' GAMBREL)
  • #057 - (60'x60'x14')
    #057 - (60'x60'x14')
  • #058 -(60'x60'x14') WITH CANOPY
    #058 -(60'x60'x14') WITH CANOPY


AIM Steel Buildings understands the importance of protecting  crops, equipments  and  livestock.  Farmers and ranchers have to make a large investment to protect their  livelihood for a long time and pre-engineered steel structure is an economical solution.  It provide a spacious, low cost, durable structure  which is basically maintenance free.  You do not need to sacrifice look for function, choose from a selection of different  panel colors to make your project attractive and functional.    

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