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Yes, This is a pre-engineered steel building

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Pre-engineered steel buildings or metal buildings have an image problem. As a professional it is very frustrating that after all these years as soon as a pre-engineered steel building is recommended as an option for any project many owners and architects say: "Well, they are great for industrial and agricultural buildings but not commercial buildings" and that is the exact time they lose a great opportunity to lower the cost of a project. 

Savvy developers have learned from  experience that pre-engineered steel building could be utilized for almost any project and  they finish projects under the budget and ahead of time. Case in point "Morton-Fry Rd" project in Katy, TX. This project is designed by PDN Consulting, Inc. of Houston, TX www.pdn-consulting.com The walls consist of pre-cast concrete, stucco and steel panels. Roof panels are vertical seam standing seam Panels.

Pre-engineered steel building is provided by Aim Steel Buildings AimSteelBuildings.com  

 The developer would fill all spaces in no time.