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Custom Buildings

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How Does it Work?

Step 1: Research

Do your research. Contact your local Building Department and find out if you need to obtain a Building Permit and what are the Minimum Loads and Building Code. You also search online. Almost all municipalities have a web site.

Step 2: Purchase

Armed with the information from previous step, Select your building. Please be advised that when you click the "Purchase Now" button at the bottom of your quote and the "I agree" button below our terms and conditions, you are entering into legal and binding contract between yourself and Aim Steel Buildings This contract becomes valid when we receive your deposit. We will return a copy of the signed contract to you. We require a down payment of 25% of the total purchase price. Although referred to as a Deposit, the payment is a fee for the Engineering/ Drafting required before the start of the fabrication of your steel building as well as to prepare and print your plans. This fee is non-refundable after 48 hours.

Please be aware of the fact that these buildings are all "Custom Made" . There is no inventory. We make it just for you. We will design and fabricate a custom building to your specifications. Once we receive your order, we start the Engineering and Drafting quickly and any changes after this stage will become progressively harder and costly by passage of time. After the start of Fabrication Process it is not feasible to change anything on the building.

Step 3: Engineering and Drafting

As soon as the Engineering/ Drafting fee is received, our engineers begin the process of steel design based on the signed contract. After the design phase the drafting department will start processing the design and transferring them into computer drawings. The drawings will be returned to the engineering department for checking and engineer seal will be applied to them if they are approved by the engineering department. The signed and sealed copies of will be sent to you. This set of drawings are called Approval Package.

Step 4: Approval Phase

We want to make sure you receive what you have ordered. Please review the Approval Package and make sure it is exactly what you want. If you need to change a few minor things, this is the time. Please be advised that changes are subject to additional fees, but it is better to do it now than when the building is delivered. In order to protect you, we require you to sign off on Approval Package before the onset of fabrication. If you do not need to obtain Building Permit , sign off the Package and return in a timely manner (within 4 days) in order to avoid delays and possible price hike.

If you need to obtain Building Permit, use the Approval Package for submittal to your Building department and inform us to put your building on"Permit Hold". Based on our experience some Building Departments approval process ranges from days to some to months. We honor the price of your building during this time if there is no price hike. Steel has become a commodity in the past few years and if there is a price hike while your permit is being processed your order is subject to any price increase that incur after the date the order is placed. The price increase only applies to materials only. DO NOT USE APPROVAL DRAWINGS TO SET YOUR FORMS OR ANCHOR BOLTS.

Step 5: Construction Drawings

As soon as we receive the "Returned Approval Package" we perform a final check to make sure all changes are incorporated and then we issue "For Construction Drawings". These drawings are definite guideline to assemble your building. You or your steel erector must follow the carefully.
You should also use these drawings to submit to your foundation engineer in order to design the foundation and provide you a foundation plan.

Step 6: Fabrication

As soon as we receive the "Returned Approval Package" we perform a final check to make sure all changes are incorporated and then we issue "For Construction Drawings" and prepare the final set of Shop Drawings and send them to be fabricated. At this time NO changes to the will be feasible.

Step 7: Delivery

We will inform you the delivery date as soon as we can confirm the loading date. This will provide you the time for arranging "unloading'. If for any reason, you need to delay the delivery of the building, notify us immediately. We do our best to accommodate you, but you may be charged for "Storage Fee".

Delivery date is an exciting day, you finally receive your building. Make sure you have the following items checked.
• Do you have the Cashier's Check for the balance of your invoice? Truck driver will not begin un-strapping till he receives the check
• Do we have your Contact Information? Cell Phone or alternate contact info?
• Have you arranged for "unloading" ? Have You or your erector arranged for the forklift or crane to be present at time of delivery?
• Can delivery truck reach the Unloading area? Is access path is reasonably flat and can handle a heavy truck?

We will call you a week prior to delivery to confirm all details. Please be advise we do our best to make sure your building is delivered on time but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, road conditions, bad weather, etc.. may cause a delays. Aim Steel Buildings is not responsible for any expanses due to these delays.

Step 8: Unloading

You are responsible for unloading your building. You must have a forklift or other means of safely unloading the building components. Please be aware that due to insurance reasons, our drivers cannot help or assist in the unloading of building components. Additionally the driver will not allow hand unloading. The time limit for unloading your steel building components is 1.5 hours. If the driver is held up for any reason for longer than 1.5 hrs, you will be charges $50.00 per hour for the time the driver is waiting. Some bundles may weigh as much as 3000 lbs., so you will need some lifting equipment like a telescoping forklift, boom truck, or crane.

Step 9: Shipping list/ Inventory Check

The drive will give you a shipping list. The shipping list has an inventory of all materials related to your building. You must inventory your parts as you unload them. It is your responsibility to report shortages and damage immediately. If possible, check off each item as you remove it, and note missing and/or damaged goods on the bill of lading before signing it. You have 48 hours to report "concealed" damage to items in sealed boxes or containers. We will reject shortage or damage claims made more than 2 days after delivery, as we cannot be insure jobsite security.